Buying with confidence
Being a family owned and run business, we have a set of values and standards that go far and beyond most customer’s expectations, however if you have never done business with us before how do you know what we deliver?

Not done business with us before?
Please find below a list what we do here at Ivan Hamill Cars and what to expect from us.

• Browse Our Stock At Your Own Leisurely Pace Without Being Hassled By Sales People
• PRICING- Our cars are all priced to sell and we have a transparent pricing procedure.
• Select A Car For An Accompanied Test Drive (An Original, Full Current Driving Licence Is Required To Be Viewed And Photocopied Before Test Drive)
• We Will Appraise Your Current Car Ensuring That The Best Possible Part Exchange Price Will Be Allowed,
• On Your Return we Can Go Through The Deal In Comfort And At Your Own Pace, Where We Can Discuss The Various Payment Plans Available To You And Explain The Benefits Of Extending Your Warranty Etc
• If We Agree A Deal Then We Organise The Collection Date And Explain What Paperwork We Require
• Collection Day Is The Easy Part Where Your Lovely, Newly Valeted & Serviced Car Awaits You. We Make This Handover A Simple Yet Memorable Experience, Where We Go Over In Detail The Paperwork & Controls Of Your New Car So We Are Confident That You Are Happy With Your New Purchase.
All customers are at different stages of the buying cycle and we respect this, so regardless if you are "just looking" or ready to put your deposit down on the car of your dreams, we will not only assist you to the best of our ability but we will do this at your pace, we won't hurry your decision or push you for an answer, instead we will investigate the reason why you would prefer to "think about it" or "sleep on it".
Helping you make your decision, because in our experience most customers know what they want and once you have made your decision the rest is easy.

Our Standards
Not purchased from us before? Don’t worry here is a list of our standards so you know what to expect:-

We check our cars to ensure tyre wear is not beyond 3mm (well within legal limit of 1.6mm) The rule is simple, 3mm & above they stay on, below 3mm and they are replaced, ensuring you many miles before the cost of replacement tyres.
Not always an easy rule to set however we will ensure that the condition of the paintwork of the car is in keeping with the age and mileage it has. Most cars will collect their fair share of stone chips, minor scuffs and light scratches however we do try our very best to remove these by machine polishing before the car is displayed if not certainly before it is collected by its new owner. We also use a very experienced Dent Removal expert for those rogue parking dings & dents. For more serious blemishes, scratches and dents we used an experienced local bodyshop to repair these to the highest standard for resale. Although we would prefer not to purchase these cars in the first place.
Some used cars that we sell will have had previous paintwork as we cannot promise that a car has been minor damage free, however we do carry out stringent HPI history checks to ensure the car has not been in a previous accident where it has become an insurance write off and then repaired.
Interior Condition
As smoking has become less social & illegal in company cars, we find that less and less vehicles now come smelling of smoke, however we do carry out a full interior valet with wash & vac of the interior trim along with a special treatment to remove any unpleasant odours. In the unlikely event that one of our selected stock vehicles has a small tear or cigarette burn these repairs will be carried out by a specialist if not before display then before collection by you.
Most modern cars are fitted standard with alloy wheels which not only enhance the look of the car but also help with the future resale value, however there is always a downside with alloys and these normally come in the shape of kerbs and potholes. There are very few cars on the road with blemish free alloy wheels so we will have potentially carried out alloy repair and paintwork to wheels before the car is displayed, some cars have only small blemishes which we believe are acceptable given the age and mileage on the car.
Service History & Mechanical Condition
Before buying in cars for our stock we carry out checks on cars including providence checks. These checks also include the service history of a car. We only retail the best condition cars with detailed service history, we will then continue this by servicing and checking the car thoroughly before collection which often includes the Government standard of MOT.
Road Tax & Transfer of Cherished Registration Numbers
In October 2014 DVLA went through some of the biggest changes in the last 20 years. We will continue to make the road taxing of our customers new purchase and the transfer of their cherished number plate as hassle free as possible.
To give our customers complete peace of mind, all our cars come Multi-Point Pre-Delivery Inspected by a qualified Technician and receive a Premium Cover Warranty from Autoguard Warranties Ltd for the first 6 months of ownership. Although limited to £750 per claim there is no excess to pay on any of the claims. To read more about our warranties follow the link
As a family company we have very high morals, values and standards and would like your buying experience with us to be hassle free and the best car buying experience you have ever had.